Yahoo Pipes: A Tool For Remixing the Web

by Sherif

I read about Yahoo Pipes a while ago, but never got around to having a play with it. For those that don’t know, Yahoo Pipes is put quite simply – a way to aggregate content (through RSS and vairous API’s) from various sources and create a ‘mashup‘ to produce a specific type of content that you would like to see.

A good example of this is lets say you wanted to find an Apartment to rent/buy that is near ‘something’ like a park or a shopping center. The example we have year ‘Apparetments near something‘ combines the RSS content of a real estate listing (to get the apartment) and then uses the API of Yahoo Maps (to get the nearest Park.. or whatever) and then produce a set of results that match your needs. Check out the example.

Google Tech Talks has recently released a good lecture on Yahoo Pipes – the concept behind them and give you some good examples of how they are used. You can have a watch of this talk below.

Its a very simple concept really, and there hasn’t been any jaw-dropping ‘WOW’ examples that I have seen yet of how this is being used, but I can really see where this is heading. To be able to create a easy visual drag-drop tool that allows you to aggregate content from various sources through API’s and RSS feeds is a great idea, and I can’t wait to see where this will head in the future.