ZDNet Hates Google, well at least someone from ZDNet does…

by Sherif

I subscribe to the ZDNet RSS feeds. Today I was reading my feeds, and I came up upon an article that was basically criticizing Google.. and I thought to myself.. hang on a second, I think I’ve seen articles like this from ZDNet before…

So I jumped onto the ZDnet website and had a search for Google. What do you know, over and over again I found blog posts of someone who doesnt relay like Google. Meet Donna Bogatin. Some would call her a ‘Google Basher.

So lets just have a look at some of the articles that came up from my search results:

  • Google: Is the Web 2.0 honeymoon over?
  • Google News is NOT newspaper driven: Zell vs. Schmidt
  • Google upstaged by Microsoft, Yahoo
  • Why Google IS afraid of Microsoft, big time
  • When will Google commit?
  • Google blurs line between advertising and content, again
  • The new Google risk: Googlers
  • Microsoft ‘proud’ to trump Google in search
  • Google clients ‘frustrated’ by unprofitable AdWords buys
  • Why Google Television will NOT make money
  • Does Google SEO success ’suck’?
  • Google, TechCrunch: When April Fool’s is no joke
  • Google CEO gets feisty over Microsoft monopoly
  • YouTube: Why Google is running scared
  • Google CEO wants your personal information
  • Google Apps Doesn’t Compete
  • And it seems like its not just me that’s picked this up, I found some other *big* fans of the ZDNet blogs:

  • Donna Bogatin tries to be funny. Gets basic facts wrong.
  • Donna Bogatin Watch: Dare to compare Yahoo and Google
  • Donna Bogatin watch: Is Google overrated?
  • A comment found on the ZDNet Blogs:

    Nearly every article Donna Bogatin writes that mentions Google is anti-google. People read her blog because she writes headlines that sound interesting, and she keeps doing it because she gets paid per article view. I’ve seen days where she’s posted several articles of anti-google trash, just to get people to come visit. And all those articles link to one another, and don’t have a whole lot of new content.
    She’s an anti-google troll. I wish, if nothing else, ZDnet would get her off of their RSS feed. I keep reading articles based on the interesting-sounding title, then realize it’s a Bogatin and regret ever coming to ZDnet. It’s ridiculous.
    If she wanted to be anti-google, call it the “anti-google blog” and be up front about it…

    So why doesn’t ZDNet do just that?! Thankyou Donna Bogatin – that’s feed I wont be seeing in my Google Reader any more! :)