iscrybe: An insight into the future of web 2.0 apps

by Sherif

I recently posted about what I saw as the future of Web browsers in the ‘web 2.0 world’. Little did I know that this whole concept of seamless integrating your web application to work both off-line and online was (alomst) here.

Let me introduce to you iscrybe. At first, I thought iscrybe is yet another web 2.0 startup, that as a funky calendar, to-do list and is just some sort of online organiser, but I was wrong. isrybe, for my liking one of the first that will set a benchmark of how web 2.0 apps work offline and online at the same time. Here are some highlights of iscrybe;

    Work offline and online
    Yes, you can do this with iscrybe. At first I thought, yeah sounds great, but what happens if I close off my browser? To make it even cooler – you can close your browser and open it back up and resume where you left off.iscrybe Offline and Online
    A cool list of applications
    iscrybe attempts to be your one-stop-shop for an online organiser. In the initial beta release they have;
    Calendar: Which has a is very funky web 2.0 interface, and integrates very nicely with your to-do lists. I think one of the highlights of this calendar is its world timezones integration…
    TimeZone Interface
    Power Lists: This feature is pretty cool, you can integrate your word and excel documents into ‘Power Lists’. Highlight what you want, and paste them into your browser, and iscrybe figures out if its a list, if it is, it puts it in an automatic to-do list. Very very cool.
    Paper Sync: I laughed when I heard this, I was like what? Sync with paper? whats the point?. But you HAVE to check this out. They have a feature where you can choose to ‘Paper Sync’ your calendar or to-do lists. This basically means print them out. But not just any old print out, it has some very very funky printouts witch are foldable and come in all sorts of styles..
    ThoughtPad: Have you used Google Notebook? Well this is a similar kind of concept, but you don’t have to do capture ideas without leaving your browser or loosing the formatting of what you would like. Check out the video below to see what it does.. I am very very impressed.
    Thought Pad
    A good long-term plan
    iscrybe is only in its early stages. They do have a long term plan and share that with you. Social networking being a highlight…

Watch a quick overview of the whole thing here:

iscrybe is still in beta testing. You can apply for an account at their website. I’ve applied for a Beta account and cant wait to try it out!

You can read more at the iscrybe blog.