Hackfest Project – WordPress Plugin

by Sherif

For my Hackfest project I picked up a task Matthew had in the queue for a possible OpenAustralia wordpress plguin.

The purpose of the plugin is to allow a blogger to quote speeches from members of parliament from the OpenAustralia API using their WordPress blog. The Task: A WordPress plugin.

Here is a sample of what has been done thus far:

1. Multiple Speeches within the same blog post
You will need to firstly grab the GID of the speech or speeches you want to link to. You can get the GID of a speech by copying it out of the “link to this” link on an OpenAustralia link:
Get the GID from an OpenAustralia speech

Once you know the GID (Global ID) of an Open Australia Speech you can write this in WordPress:
[polipress gid="2009-06-16.43.1 type="senate"]

2. Get a specific speech
We can have multiple debates quoted within the same blog-post, here is another of just a single speech:

[polipress gid="2009-03-19.174.2" type="representatives"]

3. Search Speeches
You can also return results of a search. For example, lets say I did a post on the NBN. I could display related topics about the NBN by writing the following:
[polipress search="nbn" type="representatives"]

3. Search Speeches and limit results
By default, the plugin will only return the first five results. This is for performance reasons more than anything else. You can change this by adding the num attribute. For example:
[polipress search="Community Affairs" type="representatives" num="6"]

Further Info
For more information about the hackfest checkout the Google Open Source blog post.