Get FriendFeed notifications with imfeeds

by Sherif

Ok, so I love FriendFeed. However, it hasn’t got notifications. At the moment, comments and updates on FriendFeed die out very quickly, as no one is notified of updates etc…I would imagine the guys at FriendFeed are working on this one. So in the meantime, lets get creative!

FriendFeed meet imfeeds. Imfeeds is a service that lets you get instant messages to your chat client of your RSS feeds as they happen. Imfeeds supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk. Wait, before you ask, yes imfeeds is more reliable than twitter.

So I’ve put them both together. Here is you what you need to do once you have signed up to imfeed. Just grab the RSS feed (off FriendFeed) for the person you want to get notifications for and subscribe to them in your chat client. Easy as that!

Do you know of any other ways of getting FriendFeed notifications? Let us know!