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Blog Action Day – Poverty – Instantiate Tech Podcast

Today (October 15) is Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day is a day where all bloggers, podcasters, vodcasters and people on the web raise awareness, discuss and help change the world through focusing on an issue. Even Google is blogging about it. This years Issue is Poverty, check out the video below: Blog Action Day […]

Instantiate Tech Podcast

So I’ve been talking about this for a long time with my colleagues. We have finally started an Aussie tech podcast. Instantiate Podcast is a technology podcast where we talk about web stuff – web development, social networking, tech news and all things nerdy. We just finished recoding episode one, where we talk about Wiki […]

FriendFeed API Adds Service Listing

I blogged about FriedFeed a while ago and how to get started writing your own app with the FriendFeed API, PHP and JSON. For those that don’t know, FriendFeed is essentially a ‘lifestream aggregator’ app, founded by some ex-Googlers that created Gmail. One of the things the API was missing was the ability to get […]

Twitter covers the US Election for 2008

Who would have thought that Twitter has made it into politics. I just stumbled across, a site dedicated to the 2008 US Presidential election. It has links to the official Twitter users for each campaign from both candidates. It also scans all tweets world-wide and automatically updates the latest updates based on discussions on […]

Confluence 2.9 – Awesome

The guys at Atlassian recently announced the new release of their Wiki product – Confluence 2.9. There are heaps of new enhancements to the product, but what amazed me was the Microsoft Office Connector. Some awesome features this provides: Embed your Powerpoint presentation through a flash presentation (just like the ones on Easily import […]

Wiki adoption – growth to the next level

Some of you might know, that I enjoy Wiki adoption. A very small part of my role at my current employer is to promote Wiki adoption within the Enterprise. With that in mind, it’s real exciting news to see that ‘Grow Your Wiki‘ is growing. Stuart Mader has just announced that Grow Your Wiki is […]

Wikis in Plain English

I recently stumbled across this great video “Wikis in Plain English”. It aims to explain they key benefits for a Wiki to new users or non tech-savvy users. Its great because it highlights some key benefits to the average user such as reducing emails, coordinating tasks, retaining knowledge and just simply being cool

Seven wiki adoption techniques for the enterprise

Disclaimer: I am no Wiki expert, the below article reflects my experiences of Wiki adoption within the enterprise. Update October 2008: I just recorded a podcast where I talk about each of these tips. If you are interested, check out the Instantiate Aussie Tech Podcast – Episode #1 At my current work I’ve had the […]